How to use Hammer VPN app for free internet in android

Hello friends today I will show you How to use HammerVPN app for free internet in android. HammerVPN is an free vpn app. It is working in android devices and window phone also. You can use free internet on any network with this app. Only you need working UDP ports or TCP vpn setting. Let start the trick.

Steps – How to get unlimited free 3g internet data on airtel by hammer vpn:

  1. Firstly download Hammer VPN app click here–>


 2.First you need to go to and activate facebook or twitter trial pack. [First try without it]
If you are already used this, Continue with next steps
3. Then install HammerVPN on your android device , Login to Hammer VPN with troid vpn details or use default.
4. Now select Server2 on HammerVPN
5. And Set following details on HammerVPN to enjoy unlimited free 3g internet on airtel sim
Rport – 53 & Lport – 0 and select UDP [at last] {working in many states with 0 balance}

Rport – 53 & Lport – 33019 and select UDP [at last] {working in many states}
Rport – 53 and Lport – 0,49201,49202 and select UDP [at last] {working with trial pack in many states}
6. You are done. Now connect HammerVPN and enjoy unlimited free 3g internet on your android phone with airtel sim and hammer vpn

We hope that you got the trick. By following above steps correctly you can enjoy free 3g internet on your airtel sim.

If you have any problem then ask me in comment box.

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