How to unblock airtel sim free homepage 2017 trick

Hello friends we know that airtel sim are getting blocked when you are using so much free internet but now dont worry because we have all new tricks to unblock airtel free homepage.

Method-1. New  Airtel SIM unblocked tricks

 You need a minimum balance Rs 10 in your SIM.
Now go to
click on one of the video store (Fun Unlimited)
Now select the data pack to side navigation
Activate 2G Data pack for 5 rupees [In fact, it will not activate]
Do not close the browser. continue browsing until Your balance is Rs 0 to
Now your balance will become 0. So, open any free site like
That’s all. You successfully removed your SIM lock.
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Method-2. How to unblock Airtel Sim

Dialing * 567 * 10 # to take a loan of Rs 10
Then Dial *121# select data services >> airtel zone>> Video pack
Now you will receive a message with a link
Try to open the link at least 5 times.
Now browse any Airtel Free sites like, [do until your balance becomes zero]
Switch off your phone and wait 24 hours, your Sim will be unblocked soon.
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Method-3. How to Unblock Airtel SIM

First dial *141 * 10 # and validity 2 days with 50 MB data credit active.
Now use some data [do not fully use. Using only a few MB of data].
The next day, remove the phone from your Airtel sim.
Now, after 24 hours on the phone, insert your Airtel sim
Now a message to 54321 ‘Mo‘ message
You’re done. Go to and check that you are open or not!

Try these methods to unblock your airtel free homepage. If you have any problem then feel free to ask me. Like our facebook page for daily new free internet updates.

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