Tata Docomo free unlimited 3g internet recharge trick January 2019

Hello friends today I will tell a trick for getting free recharge of 3G internet. Follow these tricks and enjoy.

#1 Trick Using android Mobile app ( 100% working)

Its an Best way to Get free Mobile Recharge just by downloading an android mobile app in your android smartphone . It will not works for any other mobile phone like Windows & ios , Just follow up all this Process that I mention below.

First download Earn talk time android app & install it using this Download now link.
Open it then verify your mobile Number.
Navigate to offers and Start downloading apps one By one.
When you earned Enough credit than you can Initiate Online Free tata docomo mobile recharge.
If you Don’t have an Android Smartphone than you will Try other methods.

#2 Trick using proxy Setting (Old method )

Here Tata docomo free gprs trick is very old but it successfully 100% working for some users.its not working in some states of india but why not give it a try ? its totally free and doesn’t cost you anything.so grab your mobile phone and get ready to enjoy tata docomo free internet.this trick working in android,Symbian,java and some other operating system too.Requirement for tata docomo free recharge trick to use unlimited 3g/2g. In below you will find the all Basic Requirement to get Highspeed 2g or 3g net without paying for any internet data plans or packs.

A mobile phone, you can use this free internet trick to your pc or desktop too.
One sim card.make sure Use this trick in less balance,less then 10 p. for extra safety.
Steps to Follow How to use Tata docomo Free internet on Computer /Mobile

First go to setting in you mobile phone and find gprs or internet setting.
In internet setting Create a new profile/setting.if you have android smartphone first go to setting then Navigate to more>Mobile network>Access point names> Press menu button and tap on new Apn.
Enter apptricker in name field/Account name.
Enter this proxy address in Proxy address field.
Enter 80 in port field.

Now leave blank all other fields and save this apn/profile.
Make this profile default to access tata docomo free internet.
now open your mobile browser i.e Opera mini, uc browser,google chrome.
Put google.com in url field and start enjoying tata docomo free internet.

Are you using Computer /Pc /Desktop then Don’t worry Below you will find Something .So just put you Prepaid sim card in 3g dongle to enjoy fast 3g internet free and Follow the steps:-

Open your desktop browser ( use only google chrome or Mozila firefox)
Go to option or setting and make following arrangement
-* Proxy port

-* Port 80

-* Now save setting go to google.com to enjoy fast 3g tata docomo free internet.

i suggest you to Use this in only in low balance, because this trick is not working in some states.We are not responsible for any balance deduction so maintain your main account balance less then 1 rs.

#3 Trick Using port out (Mnp) method

I gives you Guarantee that its best way to get Free mobile recharge just by sending a single sms to Customers care which didn’t cost you more then 1 rs at a Time.To apply this You simply Follow up this 3 step Procedure but remember its valid only when your Tata docomo mobile number at least 90 days old.

Navigate to Sms box and Type in Massage PORT and Enter your Mobile number after Giving Space.
Sent this to 1900 , Remember its not toll free number its cost you rs 1. Whether you have or not Sms pack activate.
Now just wait You will Receive a Call from Customers care Between 72 hours after applying this Process.
They ask you about Why you want to leave their networks , Simply give the Reason that their net pack & plans prices is very high .Answer every of their Question with mind play Safely , and Finally when they have no Choice they offers you Something that you want.

If this trick is not work in your state or city, don’t be upsate we have another great tricks for you Check my another post about best android apps that gives you free balance.Want to know more just follow me via email to get latest update in your inbox.

If you got any problem then feel free to ask me.

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