Jio Vs BSNL Vs Airtel Unlimited Data and Calling Plans

Today we are going to compare three network company data and calling plans. You can select your good plan after reading this comparison.

Price and Validity Comparison
Jio Plan 399 validity is known to everyone. The price of best plan of Jio is Rs.399, the price of best plan of Airtel 4G is Rs.399 and the price of BSNL best plan is Rs.298. The plan 399 of Jio comes with a validity of 84 days while BSNL 298 Plan comes with a validity of 56 days and Airtel 399 plan comes with a validity of 84 days. Jio Plan 309 comes with 56 days validity. And the new plan of BSNL is similar to Jio 309 Plan.

Data Comparison
Jio Plan 399 comes with 84GB 4G high-speed data. The daily limit of high-speed data is 1GB and after the completion of 1GB data, the speed reduces to 128 kbps. BSNL plan 298 comes with 56GB 3G data. Although BSNL is not providing 4G data, it is giving 3G data. The daily usage of data in BSNL is 1GB. Similar to Jio, In BSNL after the 1GB usage the speed reduces but you can still use free internet. If we talk about the data of Airtel in Airtel 399 plan, it gives daily usage of 1GB high-speed data. But after the 1GB data usage, the internet stops.

Calls Comparison
Jio plan 399 comes with free unlimited calls to anywhere in India. This also includes free incoming and outgoing roaming calls. You will be not charged extra if you make a call in roaming. The SMS are also free in Jio. In BSNL plan 298 the local and STD calls are free. The incoming roaming is free but outgoing is not free. BSNL is the only network in India that makes the incoming roaming calls free. In Airtel Plan, local and STD calls are free but outgoing calls are not free. Incoming roaming calls are free.

BSNL Plan 298 is a promotional plan and it is valid on the first recharge. Customers can recharge with this plan in between August 7 till November 4. BSNL also have various other plans like Chauka Plan and Sixer Plan.

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