How To Unblock Websites At School/College/University?

There are many schools prevent use of social media and other websites during their curriculum periods. Here we are sharing the best methods to get on blocked websites at school.

Most of the schools nowadays provide internet to students. Internet has become a mandatory requirement whatever the uses may be. Now in schools, even though there is Internet, its use is quite limited. They provide access to very limited resources and websites, thus making it difficult for the student to complete their research or work.

Here, we are going to show you methods to unblock websites at school. With the help of these methods, you will be able to gain access to many sites that are blocked.

We have recently shared an article on how to unblock facebook at school, read it if you want to use facebook in college, school or office. However, it seems responsible step taken to avoid unknown bad habits that students learn from websites online. Sometimes, use of some websites in schools may result in distraction and less concentration. So here we are sharing some methods to unblock websites at school.

How to Get On Blocked Websites At School?

There are lots of tricks available to unblock websites at school or home or work. Here we have shared best proxy sites which will also help you to bypass website restrictions. Unfortunately, such restriction can also prevent some intelligent students to get their study material who don’t know how to unblock websites at school anonymously.

We have come up with some best ways to unblock it for those students who really need it to find their study material online. Before we disclose the method, we would like to advise you that do not use these methods with malicious intentions.

Cache Method
As we know most search engine using cache of the pages which is indexed by them. You can search any website on google, yahoo or bing and just click on the cached link which is given next to the result.

This will open that web page and you can see it. If you wants to load the web page more quickly then you can also use text-only version provided by search engine. As the web page is served from the search engine’s server, it can bypass the restriction of any from your local computer. So by using this trick you can simply unlock any website at your school, college or office.

Using Google Web Light
Google provides the stripped down version of the website or web page for the user browsing on slow internet connection. Google web light removes the all javascript and CSS styling to present the text and image only web page to the user. As this content is served from the google server page so your school or college blocking software will feel that you are only visiting google website. In reality, you are just watching or viewing the blocked site.

So to use this, you just need to visit this Google Web Light page:

Replace the red mark with your locked website so that you can surf it and unblock it in your school or college.

Access Blocked Websites With Google Translate

This is a very surprising method as 99 out of 100 people would not be aware about this method. Google translation service can unblock websites. Isn’t it amazing?

All you have to do is enter a different language than the one used in the website you want to access. This you have to enter in the “From Field.” In the “To Field” enter English. In order to malfunction the keyboard block, translate the URL in another language. This method helps you bypass the software that blocks websites.

Using IP Address

Unblock websites at school using IP address can be done by following one of the two ways:

Way 1
Click on start menu and hit Windows Key + R or click on Run
Open CMD (Command Mode)
Write it in the opened black box:
ping (it should be your website) and hit enter
You will see an IP Address in bracket []
Copy the IP Address
Open it the web browser you are using and hit enter.
Way 2
This option can be used by those who don’t like above mentioned command steps to find IP address.
There are some tools are available like which can help you to get detailed information about the particular website including their IP addresses.
Just open this tool and paste your website which you want to unblock websites at school.
Within few seconds you will be provided with all information that you are looking for.
Now, scroll down to the IP address section and paste it into your browser to access blocked websites.

Create 2 Layered Unblocker
With the help of Google translator, gain access to the proxy website of your blocked website and use this website for unblocking. This is known as 2 layered website unblocking.

Enter Website IP Address Instead Of The URL In Address Bar
At times, the websites still remain blocked if the blocking software maps the IP address to the website domain. This method can go through the most rudimentary forms of the website blocks. Rather than trying with the URL, try to find the IP address of the website by pinging the website domain name in the Command prompt of Windows. Go through this below snapshot to know how to find IP address of the website.

Use Proxy Servers to Access Blocked Websites:
How to unblock websites at school using proxy servers? To get answer of this question follow these steps:

1 FilterByPass –
2 Unlock My Web –
3 Proxy Site –
4 Hide My Ass –
5 Proxify –
6 Free YouTube Proxy –
7 Proxy –
8 England Proxy –
9 Unblocker –
10 Fast USA Proxy –
11 New IP Now –
12 Anonymouse –
13 Hidden Digital Info –
14 Anony Mizer –
15 K Proxy –
16 Don’t Filter –
17 Working Proxy –
18 Proxy 2014 –
19 Prox Me Call Me Names –
20 Change IP & Country –

Open the below URL to get best free proxy server list to unblock websites at school

Choose one as per your requirement and enter your website URL that you want to unblock
That’s it. Now you can easily unblock any site using this method
However, sometimes poor proxy service websites will slow down your surfing or cannot display webpages properly. Yet, this method is very popular among anonymous users when it comes to how to get on blocked websites at school.

IP Hiding Software
IP hiding software generally comes in use when users are restricted to visit some particular IP addresses. There is a software like UltraSurf which provide access to IP address. There are both paid and free softwares. Both provide access but the paid ones are more operative than the free ones.

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