How to Install HP Laserjet 1010 Driver in Window 10 100% working trick

If you have a laserjet 1010 printer but you have window 10 then you will get problem while you installed the driver of printer like HP laserjet 1010 driver is not working in window 10. But today I will tell you that you can easily connect your laserjet 1010 printer to window 10.

Well, windows 10 has undoubtedly left all previous versions of windows behind when it comes to compatibility.
But still there are some pretty old devices which need some work to get it working on win 10.

One of these is the HP Laserjet 1010 series printer. Well it has been one of the best printers ever produced and used till date with little maintenance.
Many people face issues when it comes to installing 1010 series printer in windows 10 PC. And one of the main issues is the PCL5 driver absence in win 10.
So, keep watching this video where I will show you how to surpass this issue and start printing with HP Laserjet 1010 series printer instantly.

So, let’s get started…
Well for these particular series you need the DOT4 USB Printing support.
In win 10 as soon as you connect the printer to the pc it automatically installs (you need to allow automatic driver update/installation) some support drivers including DOT4 USB Printing support driver. In case it doesn’t you can always check if you already have this or you can refer the links below.

DOT4 USB Printing support driver 1 download
DOT4 USB Printing support driver 2 download
*I am not responsible for faulty software or virus intrusion.

Once you are done with DOT4 issue, next you need to install PCL5 support driver from the links below….

PCL5 support driver download

*I am not responsible for faulty software or virus intrusion.

Both these drivers may take some time for installing depending on the pc.
*Well I have already installed it so you can find those in fields already present in my installation box.
After installing both the prerequisites you may check and proceed with the further installation.
So I suppose you have already plugged in your printer in the USB port.. So going directly to the installation part..
1. Go to Settings… Bluetooth,Printers and devices
2. Go to Printers and scanners… and click on Add a printer and then follow the video..

Well I have already installed this printer many times so it asked me to replace or use current driver….
Once done you will be directed here….
Well here you are done with installing the printer successfully… if still got any issues let me know in the comments…

Please also write your experience and review, whether the video helped you or not.

Let me know if I can help anyone with other anyother things.

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