How to Hide folders or files in your android mobile or tablet

Hey!! Today i wana tell you something new and i will discuss about how to hide your folders and file without any application in your android mobile or tablet.

Steps to follow for hide Folders and files without any third party app.

1. First take your Android Smartphone in your Hand & Navigate to File manager.According to me Androids default file manager is best to Perform this simple task (hide folders & files).

2. Copy and paste All your personal Stuff in one particular folder.For Example i Copy all of my Personal photos and videos (Which i want to hide) in Newly created folder and named it System error ,it just my choice You can give any name to your folder that you want.

3. Now Rename your Folder By adding . (dot symbol) before the name of folder that you want to hide.For example My folder new name is now .Syste m error ,Now no one be able to see this folder Including you.

4. Don’t worry you can see all of your files (hide folders) and by click on show hidden Folder.

5. With this simple trick you Can hide Folder that you want. You just need a Rename Your secret folder by putting . Before the name of folder.When wanted to See that folder Just tap on Show all Hidden files.

now its done.If you have any problem than feel free to ask me in comment box.

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