How to Generate Bar code in My Jio App for JIO 4G Sim

Hello friends in this post I will explain you the all steps to generate an offer code and get a JIO sim for your phone. From 5th Sept, All 4G devices (LTE/VoLTE) is eligible for JIO Welcome offer. If you have a 4G device, You are eligible for JIO welcome offer.

How to Generate Bar code in My Jio App Steps:


  1. Download MyJio app.

Make sure you download MyJio app from Google Play store and latest app version.

2. After installing MyJio app, open the app and must install these 4 JIO apps before generating the offer code:


3. Open the MyJio app and click on “Get Jio Sim”.


4. Click on “Agree and Get Jio offer”.

5. Select your current location and click next.

Make sure to turn on your GPS to automatically fetch your location.
**In case it says (location not eligible), Please change your location to some popular place in your city.

6. “Get offer in few steps” – Just click next to generate offer code.

7. An offer code will be generated – Please take a screenshot of the offer code and click next.

Automatically an offer code will be generated for your device. Please allow if it asks for media permission to save the offer code in your phone gallery.
**It’s recommended to take a screenshot of this screen.

Documents for JIO sim preview offer

Check what documents are accepted for JIO sim registration and click next.

Find nearest Reliance Digital (JIO) Store

Find a Reliance Digital or DX mini store near to your location and click next.

Click on “Done” and follow the remaining steps to get a JIO sim.

Go to any Reliance Digital or Mini store and get a JIO sim for your device.

Please carry 2 recent passport sized photographs.
Any address and identity proof listed on step 7 above.
Show your JIO offer code saved in your gallery or in your MyJio app.
Complete the Registration form and submit to the store staff.
Now wait for SIM activation, this may take 3-5 days due to the high volume of activation.

Tele-Verify your JIO sim to avail JIO welcome offer

After your sim gets activated, you will receive an SMS on your alternate number to complete Tele-verification of your JIO sim.

Call on 1977, to activate your JIO sim. (Both Data and Call services).
Call on 1800-890-1977, to activate data services only.
If your tele-verification is successful, You will receive an SMS saying you JIO preview offer has been activated on your SIM.

Open MyJio app and Sign up for MyJio account.

Enter you JIO sim number and Generate OTP and complete the signup process.

Now sign in to your MyJio app and enjoy your JIO preview offer.

Use the JIO sim number or registered email address as your JIO username and the password used during sign up to sign in.

Enjoy JIO Welcome Offer till 31st December 2016

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