Friends now I am going to share How to Activate the Reliance Jio Unlimited Offer.

How to Activate the Reliance Jio Unlimited Offer:


1. I’am Assuming that You’ve already Installed the MyJio App Previously with All Jio Network Apps.

2. Go to App Manager or App info of MyJio App and Clear App Data.

3. Now Uninstall MyJio App.

4. Do Clear App Data Before Un-installation of the MyJio App.

5. Now Download MyJio Old Version Apk File from Here.

6. Turn Off Mobile Data or Internet or the WiFi Connection.

7. Now Open MyJio App and you should see the “Get JIO Sim” Button.

8. If it doesn’t available then Repeat all the Steps again with Care.

9. Now Click on Get Jio Option and Turn on Mobile Data or Internet or WiFi.

10. Then you need to Go back to One Step and Click on Sign in Button.

11. Enter your Details and Wait for 5 Seconds.

12. A Pop-Up Should Appear of Reliance Jio Preview Offer and There you’ll get a Submit Button.

13. Click on that Submit Option. That’s All. Your Jio Sim is now Activated for Unlimited Data in the Reliance Jio Preview Offer for 90 Days.

How to Check Whether You Unlimited Data Activated or Not:

1. Open & Login to your MyJio App.

2. Go to “Usage” -> “Data”

3. If There is a Circle Showing 2GB of Data Means your Sim not Activated as Unlimited Offer.

4. Or If there’s a Circle Showing Unlimited Means you got Activated as Unlimited Data User.

Note: Once you Insert the Sim, Only Jio Internet Should be Activated. And No WiFi. Don’t Uninstall MyJio App without Clearing the App Data.

The SMS You’ll Receive on Different Steps Activation of your Jio Sim:

Dear Customer, Thank you for choosing Jio. We have received your application for new connection. Your order number is NO00. Thank you, Team Jio Dear Customer, Your Jio Number 70219 is now ready for tele-verification. To activate both voice & data services, dial 1977 from your Jio number. To activate data services only, dial 1800-890-1977 from any number. Kindly keep documents submitted for Jio connection ready for your reference. Thank you, Team Jio. Dear Customer, Your transaction id NO0000 for Recharge for Rs. 0 is successful. Processing Fee: Rs. 0 Service Tax: Rs. 0 Validity: 26/11/2016 Entitlements: JPO Open Offer – Prepaid For further information, click and download MyJio app. Thank you, Team Jio. Dear Customer, Your plan JPO Open Offer – Prepaid is now active on Jio Number 7021. To manage your account with MyJio app, click Thank you, Team Jio. Dear Customer, To start using Jio data services, please configure APN by going to Settings -> Cellular Networks -> Access Point -> Create NEW APN -> Under APN Type: Jionet -> Save -> Make this the default APN. Thank you, Team Jio.

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