Download WhatsApp Plus New Version For Android 2019

WhatsApp plus is quite similar to the original official application that is bestowed with multiple features mentioned further in the article. WhatsApp plus latest version comes with features that are also similar to the original application. You can hide the online status, send large files, and also do more whatsapp tricks with the official application. WhatsApp plus apk free download is easy to download and can be installed in the device instantly in order to get many new features in the WhatsApp account.

WhatsApp Plus Best Features

Are you not too used to the green WhatsApp icon. And here comes the change with the new WhatsApp plus latest version which comes with a blue icon.

The original WhatsApp does not allow to change colour, however with the WhatsApp plus download you can change the colours of almost the entire application wherever you want. This covers changing the background colour, header colour and much more. Use the WhatsApp plus apk free download and add more colour to your account.

Extended Videos
The original WhatsApp has a limited size for the files that are video files. You can only send video files that are a maximum of a file size of 16 MB. However, most videos are of a bigger file size. WhatsApp plus latest version comes with an extended video size sharing feature, and one can send a video file as large as 50MB. Download WhatsApp plus and enjoy sharing larger video files.

Original WhatsApp comes with the feature, where if you want to see the status of the contact, you will need to go into their profile to see what their WhatsApp status is. WhatsApp plus download will allow you to see the status of the contact below their last seen/online status.

High Quality Image
One complaint that people have who use the original WhatsApp version is that the picture quality gets distorted while sharing it with each other. WhatsApp plus free download allows you to download and share high quality images with each other and allows you to share enjoy watching pictures with better quality.

Exciting Themes
Though originally WhatsApp does not come with themes, download WhatsApp plus and you can enjoy exciting new themes to choose from! These themes are large in number and also very creative and exciting. These exciting new themes allows you to change the look of the WhatsApp you use with the new WhatsApp plus free download.

Font Colours
Are you not tired of the monotonous colours in the font, the same old WhatsApp graphic with the same colours and same font? Download WhatsApp plus and enjoy amazing new fonts with different colours and styles to include in your personal chat messages and the group chats. WhatsApp plus download brings this new colourful world of WhatsApp chat to you.

Though you can go ahead and share your current location from WhatsApp, however it is manual and not automatic. WhatsApp plus free download will allow you to share these locations without having to manually share them, with an update the message chat.

Why Download WhatsApp plus?

WhatsApp is a very important part of our lives, and hence the introduction of WhatsApp Plus might bring questions as why use it when you already have WhatsApp. Besides of course the features mentioned above, there are some basic features that give an upper-hand to WhatsApp plus free download.

Differences Between The Original WhatsApp And WhatsApp Plus

Improved Interface
Amazing themes, fonts, colours, and many more exciting features that enhance the interface and invigorates you to pursue the WhatsApp plus download.

New Smileys
A new feature that you enjoy if you download WhatsApp plus is the improved smileys. It has loads of amazing new and wonderful smileys, which you can use to enjoy conversations with the emoticon games!

Improved Privacy and Ease
WhatsApp plus download allows you to enjoy an enhanced and amazing privacy features which also bring ease and convenience to your use of WhatsApp.

Video Size
An improved video size allows to enjoy the sharing of videos without interrupting or trimming them.

How To Use & Download WhatsApp Plus Application?

Below we are going to explain the whole process to download and use whatsapp plus application in your android mobile phone. We have explained the whatsapp plus features and its importance over official whatsapp application. Now here we sharing the step by step process to use this application in your android mobile with whatsapp plus download links.

Just start reading this installation process and start using the app in your mobile.

Steps To Install WhatsApp Plus Application In Android Mobile
Enable Unknown Source
Before start the process, first you need to enable the unknown source option in your android mobile phone. It is the basic step for installing all third party application in android mobile. To enable follow this process: Settings – Security – Unknown Source (Checked it)

Backup WhatsApp
You need to take the full backup of the official whatsapp account. For that, open the whatsapp account and follow this steps: Settings – Chats – Backup and take complete backup of the account. Wait for few seconds for backup process to be done.

Uninstall Official WhatsApp
After taking up the full backup of the official whatsapp account, now you need to uninstall it from your android device. To uninstall follow this steps: Settings – Apps – WhatsApp – Uninstall

Download Apk File & Install
Download the whatsapp plus apk file from our website. We have shared the direct download link and you will get it from the bottom of this post. Download it and start installing it in your android mobile.

Enter Mobile Number & Verify
Now enter your mobile number to the whatsapp plus application and verify it via OTP.

Restore Data
Whatsapp plus will ask you to restore the data which you have backed up earlier from the official whatsapp account. Click on the restore button and wait few seconds.

Enter Name & Details
If you are not restoring the data and installing whatsapp plus as a fresh install then you nee to enter your name and details in the next step. Enter the name and details and start enjoying the whatsapp plus application.

WhatsApp Plus Download Links


With the WhatsApp plus download you can now enjoy conversations with your friends and family by adding glamour, colour and a lot of new emotions to your chats. Use the new WhatsApp Plus to get in touch with an advanced version and interface.

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