Best ten Best Mortgage Lenders of USA

Hello guys today I will provide  list of best ten mortgage lenders of United state of America.

The first step to securing a mortgage is to understand a fundamental difference between mortgage brokers and banks. A mortgage broker is an intermediary that works with lenders and borrowers, as a wholesaler to help buyers obtain financing.

Then, there are also banks and lending organizations that don’t utilize this “middleman” and instead provide retail-level financing to potential buyers.

Mortgage brokers make up a significant percentage of all home loan originations. There are pros to this wholesale approach, including the fact that brokers can help applicants who wouldn’t qualify at a bank to obtain financing.

With the wholesale approach to mortgages, the interest rates may also be lower.

At the same time, when a borrower goes straight to one of the top mortgage banks, there are also advantages. For example, these top mortgage lenders tend to have a strong reputation because they are also often top traditional banks.

If you attempt to obtain a mortgage through your existing bank, you have the advantage of already having a relationship with this institution, and it may also be faster and easier to verify your financial information when it’s held at the bank where you’re applying for a mortgage.

The following list represents the top 10 mortgage lenders in terms of size and market share, as well as overall quality of products and service.

This list includes the top mortgage banks as well options for top online mortgage lenders.

Top 10 Best Mortgage Lenders | Brief Comparison & Ranking

Top Mortgage Lenders Highlighted Features
Bank of America Affordable loan solutions for low-income borrowers
Chase Online tools for simple & convenient loan management
CitiMortgage Personalized product selection through the Citi Mortgage Selector
Flagstar Wide variety of mortgage products & rates
LendingTree Access mortgage lender reviews from previous borrowers
Nationstar Mortgage Holdings Commitment to personalized service & ease of use
PHH Mortagage Detailed refinancing services & tools
Quicken Loans Efficient loan solutions through YOURgage & Rocket Mortgage
U.S. Bank In-depth guides & educational resources for first-time buyers
Wells Fargo Government-backed loans & signature loan programs

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