Airtel 3G/2G/4G GPRS Proxy Internet Trick January 2019

Airtel proxy tricks are used for free internet access. Airtel proxy tricks are easy to use and setup. Anybody can setting of these proxies in his mobile and pc easily for using free internet. Just follow the below steps:

How To Use Proxy Trick In Mobile And PC ?

For Mobile:
Go to settings option.
Then open Network Connection Setting.
Now in the option, click on create new setting/ connection.
There you’ll get many input options like Account Name, Access Point, Proxy, etc. All are given in the trick file.
Now save your setting and make it default.
For (PC) / Laptop –

I will recommend you to use Mozilla Firefox for setting up proxy trick.
Open Options.
Click on advance tab and then network tab.
Click on Manual Connection setting and add the above given proxy and port.
Save the setting.

Airtel new 3G/2G GPRS proxy trick.
Change This settings On your Mobile or PC :

Profile name- Tricks News


Proxy:- choose any one from below proxy

1) OR
2) OR 

3) OR
4) OR
5) OR
6) OR
7) OR
8) OR

New proxy update: [high spped]
– (resume supported)
– or (High Speed)
– or
– (resume supported)
– OR
– OR
– OR
– OR
– OR
– OR
– OR
– OR

Port:- 80

Now save the settings, and set default this setting profile.               Now open your main browser and enter any free homepage which is given below.

Homepages- choose any one homepage from below
4.                                                                   5.                                                                   6.

New updated Homepage: or or or

After this a page will be open and their you will be see a url box here you can enter any site which you want to access.

Note:- Please use these all proxy tricks in zero balance otherwise your balance will be reduce.

Please comment if working for you or if not working also comment.  I will help you.



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